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41 2nd enlistment: 6 Feb 1940 ABRAMS, # William Joseph (I19475)
42 2nd Lt. 5th Air Force, 7th Bombardment Group, 9th Bombardment Squadron WWII BURNEY, 2nd Lt Willis Weldon (I5870)
43 3rd Regiment, South Carolina State Troops (6 months 1863-64) TURBEVILLE, # John (I9308)
44 462 Ocean Ave LOTZ, #@ Adam (I217)
45 48th Regiment, Alabama Infantry MCDUFFIE, # William G W (I18879)
46 523 Ninth St. TIERNEY, @ Esther M (I2659)
47 6th Regiment, South Carolina Infantry
8 South Carolina Infantry.
8th Regiment, South Carolina Infantry 
TURNER, # John C (I12042)
48 7 Aug 1944-20 Jan 1946 WWII and 2 Jan 1953-31 Jan 1973 MADDOX, # Earl (I14187)
49 714 E Florence Ave.
Occupation: Baker 
WALMER, Carl Fred (I199)
50 8th Air Force, 379th Bomb Squadron, as a navigator on the B-17 Flying Fortress in the European Theater, obtaining the rank of 1st Lieutenant BRASWELL, Harry Alvin (I14121)
51 8th Regiment, South Carolina Infantry LANE, Evander (I4704)
52 8th South Carolina Infantry
Company I 
TURBEVILLE, Calvin (I21826)
53 9th Battalion, South Carolina Infantry (Smith's) (Pee Dee Legion) ROGERS, # Hugh R (I25404)
54 William VIII"> William VIII, Duke of Aquitane OF AQUITAINE, William VIII (Guy-Geffrey) (I1876)
55 Henri, Prince of Condé (1588–1646) DE CONDE, Henry II de Bourbon, Prince (I1784)
56 Louis, Prince of Condé (1668–1710) DE CONDE, Louis III de Bourbon, Prince (I1799)
57 Louis, Prince of Condé (1530–1569) DE CONDE, Louis I de Bourbon, Prince (I1780)
58 Guillaume de Montmorency OF MONTMORENCY, Guillaume (I1847)
59 Elizabeth Hawley HAWLEY, Elizabeth (I3218)
60 Jeanerette, Iberia Parish, Louisiana

The town was named for John W. Jeanerette, who came to the Teche country in the early 1800s from South Carolina. When Jeanerette first arrived in the area, he was hired as a tutor at one of the plantations in the area. A year later, he opened a store and a saloon. In 1830, he bought Pine Grove Plantation, eight miles below New Iberia, but apparently was more interested in playing cards than in raising sugar.
An early account describes John W. Jeanerette as "a man of affairs, and a great many of them--sugar planter, justice of the peace, our first postmaster, pioneer 'brag' player, and 'fine host of the inn.'" It said that "his friends claimed for him the character of the old, high-minded South Carolina gentleman."
His wife, according to the report "was a good, pious Methodist, (who) tried very hard to keep their only son, Tom, straight, but it was no use." The report says that "she did her level best to balance accounts in the family, always had a preaching place in the house, and there were often religious services going on in one part and a big game of cards in the other. Indeed, of all of (John Jeanerette's) many irons, this seemed to be the only one he did really keep hot. But his many pupils in 'brag' became experts, and so turned his lessons against himself that in 1837 he was sold out and the family removed to Alabama where it became extinct."

Source: Lafayette (LA) Daily Advertiser, November 25, 1997 
JENERETTE, John William (I2768)

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