a family full of black sheep and other interesting characters


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61 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I3325)
62 Blathacht, s. of Labhraidh Lorc. OF IRELAND, Blathucha (I2306)
63 Cairbre Lithfeachair, 'C. of the Liffey,' s. of Cormac, s. of Art, k. Ire. 27 years. OF IRELAND, Caibre Liffeachair, King (I2321)
64 Cleo Gore Ward
NAKINA Mrs. Cleo G. Ward, 91, passed away March 28, 2006, at Liberty Commons Nursing Home, Whiteville, NC. 
GORE, Cleo Virginia (I9806)
65 Cobhthach Caol mBreagh, s. of Ughaine Mor, k. Ire. 30 years. OF IRELAND, Cobhthach Coalbreag, King (I2297)
66 Conn Ceadchathach, 'C. of the hundred battles 'or rather 'of the hundreds of battles,'
s. of Feidhlimidh Reachtmhar, k. Ire. 
OF IRELAND, Conn Ceadchathach, King (I2318)
67 Connla Cruaidhchealgach, 'C. the Hard-deceitful,' s. of Iarainnghleo Fathach, k. Ire.
four years; d. at Tara, anno 4757 Fm.; he is called Connla Caomh by Fm. 
OF IRELAND, Connla Cruaidhcealgach, King (I2300)
68 Cormac, s. of Art, al. Cormac Ulfhadha, commonly referred to as Cormac Mac Airt,
smt. as the grandson of Conn (Ceadchathach), k. Ire. forty years (225-266 Fm. 
OF IRELAND, Cormac Usada, King (I2320)
69 Criomhthann Nia Nar ('C. champion of Nar'; Nar a witch, being C.'s wife, C.A.), s.
of Lughaidh Riabh nDearg, k. Ire. sixteen years,; Christ born in the reign of (12th
OF IRELAND, Criomhthan Niadhnar, King (I2314)
70 Dian, s. of Roitheachtaigh, I. 136, 138. OF IRELAND, Dian (I2284)
71 Duach Laghrach, s. of Fiachaidh Tolgrach, k. Ire. ten years. OF IRELAND, Duach Laidhrach, King (I2293)
72 Eanbhoth, s. of Tighearnmhas. OF IRELAND, Eanbhoth (Ebric) (I2278)
73 Eanna Aighneach, s. of Aonghus Tuirbheach Teamhrach. k. Ire. twenty-eight years. OF IRELAND, Eana Aighneach, King (I2304)
74 Earc, da. of Lodharn (k. of Alba) and m. of Muircheartach, s. of Earc (commonly
called Muircheartach Mac Earca); al. m. of Fearghus, s. of Earc (commonly called
Fearghus Mor Mac Earca), and rt. in name Feargus Mor Mac Earca. 
OF DAL RIADA, Earca (probably fictional) (I2332)
75 Earc, s. of Eochaidh Muinreamhar; Dal Riada of Alba sprung from OF DAL RIADA, Erc, King (I2334)
76 Easaman Eamhna, s. of Blathacht, an. of Eochaidh Feidhlioch. OF IRELAND, Easamhuin Famhua (I2307)
77 Eithrial, s. of Irial Faidh, k. Ire. twenty years. OF IRELAND, Eithriall, King (I2275)
78 Eochaidh Buadhach, 'Eochaidh the Victorious,' f. of Ughaine Mor and Badhbhchaidh. OF IRELAND, Eochaidh Buadhach (I3337)
79 Eochaidh Feidhlioch, s. of Fionn, k. Ire. twelve years; f. of the three Finneamhnas
whom he sl. in bt. of Drom Criadh. 
OF IRELAND, Eochaidh Feidhlioch, King (I2311)
80 Eochaidh Foiltleathan, 'Eochaidh of the wide-spreading locks,' s. of Oilill
Caisfhiaclach, k. Ire. eleven years. 
OF IRELAND, Eochaidh Foltleathan, King (I2302)

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