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Barnwell County, South Carolina



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County/Shire : Latitude: 33.2447194, Longitude: -81.3588889


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BISHOP, # Catherine Augustus  18 Mar 1866Barnwell County, South Carolina I23344
2 FAIL, Ann  1831Barnwell County, South Carolina I4712
3 FAIL, Eliza  20 May 1836Barnwell County, South Carolina I4713
4 FAIL, Hapsy  1839Barnwell County, South Carolina I4714
5 FAIL, Henry C  1827Barnwell County, South Carolina I4710
6 FAIL, Hosanna  1829Barnwell County, South Carolina I4711
7 FAIL, Joseph  23 Jan 1842Barnwell County, South Carolina I4715
8 FAIL, Samuel J  Abt 1843Barnwell County, South Carolina I6700
9 FAIL, Thomas Jefferson  22 Jul 1918Barnwell County, South Carolina I9939
10 FAIL, Zelma  17 Jul 1909Barnwell County, South Carolina I9922
11 LAIN, Bryant  24 Feb 1810Barnwell County, South Carolina I4683
12 LAIN, William Bryant  9 Apr 1841Barnwell County, South Carolina I4719
13 LANE, Adelia  1846Barnwell County, South Carolina I4728
14 LANE, Andrew Jackson  1817Barnwell County, South Carolina I4682
15 LANE, Betsy  1821Barnwell County, South Carolina I4684
16 LANE, George Washington  1819Barnwell County, South Carolina I4732
17 LANE, Henry C  1846Barnwell County, South Carolina I4691
18 LANE, Joseph 3  1826Barnwell County, South Carolina I4686
19 LANE, Julia  1844Barnwell County, South Carolina I4727
20 LANE, Martha A  1815Barnwell County, South Carolina I4736

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BOATWRIGHT, # Everett Brunson  23 Feb 1983Barnwell County, South Carolina I14098
2 CAMPBELL, Wade  20 Mar 1923Barnwell County, South Carolina I8529
3 DEW, Lt. Col. Howard Preston  15 Dec 1969Barnwell County, South Carolina I13927
4 FAIL, Annie Mae  13 Oct 1989Barnwell County, South Carolina I9923
5 FAIL, George W  Dec 1958Barnwell County, South Carolina I9933
6 FAIL, Inez  13 Nov 1924Barnwell County, South Carolina I9916
7 FAIL, Lewis M  18 Feb 1938Barnwell County, South Carolina I9881
8 FAIL, Mary Elizabeth  3 Oct 1999Barnwell County, South Carolina I10118
9 FAIL, Shelley R  22 Mar 1973Barnwell County, South Carolina I10196
10 FAIL, Zelma  15 Nov 1947Barnwell County, South Carolina I9922
11 GUNNELLS, # John Frederick "Freddie"  10 Jan 1974Barnwell County, South Carolina I10212
12 HUGGINS, # Willis Sylvan  10 Mar 1923Barnwell County, South Carolina I10294
13 LANE, Joseph 3  8 Feb 1876Barnwell County, South Carolina I4686
14 LANE, Mary Ann  8 May 1926Barnwell County, South Carolina I4692
15 LANE, Osborne  5 Nov 1844Barnwell County, South Carolina I4622
16 LANE, Robert  1843Barnwell County, South Carolina I4619
17 LANE, Dr. Snow Marie  19 Feb 1998Barnwell County, South Carolina I11384
18 MOODY, Lula Helen  29 Jul 1932Barnwell County, South Carolina I7222
19 MORRIS, Elizabeth Ann "Lizzie"  3 Feb 1949Barnwell County, South Carolina I9866
20 MORRIS, Hattie  5 Nov 1936Barnwell County, South Carolina I9966

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 BOWERS, # Rhoda  1850Barnwell County, South Carolina I4724
2 BOWERS, # Rhoda  1860Barnwell County, South Carolina I4724
3 COPELAND, # Jacob Lazarus  1850Barnwell County, South Carolina I4716
4 COPELAND, # Jacob Lazarus  1860Barnwell County, South Carolina I4716
5 CREECH, # Sarah Cornelia "Sally"  1850Barnwell County, South Carolina I9880
6 CREECH, # Sarah Cornelia "Sally"  1860Barnwell County, South Carolina I9880
7 DEW, Lt. Col. Howard Preston  1910Barnwell County, South Carolina I13927
8 DYCHES, # James Virgil  1910Barnwell County, South Carolina I10039
9 FAIL, Ann  1850Barnwell County, South Carolina I4712
10 FAIL, Ann  1860Barnwell County, South Carolina I4712
11 FAIL, Eliza  1850Barnwell County, South Carolina I4713
12 FAIL, Eliza  1860Barnwell County, South Carolina I4713
13 FAIL, # George W  1860Barnwell County, South Carolina I9863
14 FAIL, Henry C  1850Barnwell County, South Carolina I4710
15 FAIL, Henry C  1860Barnwell County, South Carolina I4710
16 FAIL, Hepsy  1860Barnwell County, South Carolina I12922
17 FAIL, Hosanna  1850Barnwell County, South Carolina I4711
18 FAIL, James Christian  1850Barnwell County, South Carolina I14546
19 FAIL, Joseph  1850Barnwell County, South Carolina I4715
20 FAIL, Kesiah  1860Barnwell County, South Carolina I12920

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Draft Registration

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Draft Registration    Person ID 
1 FAIL, Aaron Lewis  1917–1918Barnwell County, South Carolina I9914
2 FAIL, George W  1917–1918Barnwell County, South Carolina I9933
3 FAIL, Henry W  1917–1918Barnwell County, South Carolina I9910
4 FAIL, John G  1917–1918Barnwell County, South Carolina I9911
5 FAIL, Shelley R  1917–1918Barnwell County, South Carolina I10196
6 HARRISON, # Lonnie Holmes  1917–1918Barnwell County, South Carolina I9988
7 HUTTO, # Charles Franklin  1917–1918Barnwell County, South Carolina I21607
8 MORRIS, David  1917–1918Barnwell County, South Carolina I9955
9 MORRIS, Elisha W D  1917–1918Barnwell County, South Carolina I16168
10 OWENS, # Allen Jennings  1917–1918Barnwell County, South Carolina I9969
11 SANDERS, Frank  1917–1918Barnwell County, South Carolina I10005
12 SANDERS, James Willis  1917–1918Barnwell County, South Carolina I10006
13 STILL, Archie  1917–1918Barnwell County, South Carolina I9981


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 LANE, Osborne  1835Barnwell County, South Carolina I4622