a family full of black sheep and other interesting characters

Clintonville, Coffee County, Alabama



City/Town : Latitude: 31.4069389, Longitude: -85.8941694


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 BOYETT, Bessie Lee  1900Clintonville, Coffee County, Alabama I14574
2 BOYETT, Henry Haywood  1900Clintonville, Coffee County, Alabama I3494
3 BOYETT, John C  1900Clintonville, Coffee County, Alabama I14578
4 BOYETT, Mattie Lee  1900Clintonville, Coffee County, Alabama I14580
5 BOYETT, Mattie Lee  1930Clintonville, Coffee County, Alabama I14580
6 BOYETT, Mattie Lee  1940Clintonville, Coffee County, Alabama I14580
7 BOYETT, Pleasant Ray  1900Clintonville, Coffee County, Alabama I14581
8 BOYETT, Rasberry B "Ras"  1900Clintonville, Coffee County, Alabama I14573
9 BOYETT, Willie  1900Clintonville, Coffee County, Alabama I14579
10 BOYETTE, Charlie Mae  1900Clintonville, Coffee County, Alabama I14577
11 BOYETTE, William Pleasant  1900Clintonville, Coffee County, Alabama I3492
12 BROOKS, # Roy Hill  1900Clintonville, Coffee County, Alabama I4218
13 COWAN, # Robert Harper "Bob"  1900Clintonville, Coffee County, Alabama I14741
14 COWEN, # Frederick Daniel "Dan"  1900Clintonville, Coffee County, Alabama I14397
15 MARTIN, # Alvin Victor  1930Clintonville, Coffee County, Alabama I16451
16 MARTIN, # Alvin Victor  1940Clintonville, Coffee County, Alabama I16451
17 SNIDER, # Jessie Louise  1900Clintonville, Coffee County, Alabama I16452
18 WALLS, # M Etta  1900Clintonville, Coffee County, Alabama I14572
19 WARD, # Frances Virginia  1920Clintonville, Coffee County, Alabama I19026
20 WINDHAM, # Dora E  1900Clintonville, Coffee County, Alabama I14576

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