a family full of black sheep and other interesting characters

Dickens County, Texas



Latitude: 33.6216694, Longitude: -100.8361111


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 BILBERRY, # Eula Opal  1920Dickens County, Texas I4909
2 BILBERRY, # Eula Opal  1930Dickens County, Texas I4909
3 HAGINS, # Joseph Hugh  1910Dickens County, Texas I4862
4 HAGINS, # Joseph Hugh  1920Dickens County, Texas I4862
5 HAGINS, # Joseph Hugh  1930Dickens County, Texas I4862
6 HAGINS, Marvin "Mutt"  1930Dickens County, Texas I4865
7 HAGINS, Paul Albert  1930Dickens County, Texas I4864
8 HAGINS, Pauline Acineth  1930Dickens County, Texas I4863
9 HAHN, # Robert T  Dickens County, Texas I26102
10 HAHN, # Robert T  1930Dickens County, Texas I26102
11 TAYLOR, # Harry  1910Dickens County, Texas I4866
12 TAYLOR, # Harry  1930Dickens County, Texas I4866
13 TAYLOR, Wanda Mae  1930Dickens County, Texas I4867
14 TYLER, Bruce Arrington  1920Dickens County, Texas I4860
15 TYLER, Delreo A  1920Dickens County, Texas I4858
16 TYLER, Delreo A  1930Dickens County, Texas I4858
17 TYLER, Emmett Oscar  1920Dickens County, Texas I4843
18 TYLER, Laredo Alsbery  1920Dickens County, Texas I4857
19 TYLER, Laredo Alsbery  1930Dickens County, Texas I4857
20 TYLER, Pool Joseph  1920Dickens County, Texas I4859

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Draft Registration

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Draft Registration    Person ID 
1 HAGINS, # Joseph Hugh  1917–1918Dickens County, Texas I4862
2 TYLER, Emmett Oscar  1917–1918Dickens County, Texas I4843


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 HAHN / TAYLOR  11 Jan 1981Dickens County, Texas F9166
2 TYLER / HAGINS  22 May 1918Dickens County, Texas F1685