a family full of black sheep and other interesting characters

Fork, Dillon, South Carolina



City/Town : Latitude: 34.2880611, Longitude: -79.2755611


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 CAMPBELL, David Columbus  24 Jun 1989Fork, Dillon, South Carolina I8544
2 CAPPS, # Margaret Roxanna "Maggie"  4 Feb 1940Fork, Dillon, South Carolina I12052
3 CARMICHAEL, Annie McKay  7 Jan 1974Fork, Dillon, South Carolina I19772
4 CARMICHAEL, Carson  20 Dec 1983Fork, Dillon, South Carolina I19774
5 CARMICHAEL, # Mary Irene  19 Jul 1926Fork, Dillon, South Carolina I15129
6 CARMICHAEL, Oliver  1 Sep 1934Fork, Dillon, South Carolina I15128
7 COLE, # Claude Olovarios  9 May 1952Fork, Dillon, South Carolina I15154
8 COLEMAN, # Berry Leverne  22 Dec 2004Fork, Dillon, South Carolina I17833
9 DOWDLE, # Elizabeth Kate  28 Jul 1984Fork, Dillon, South Carolina I21183
10 EDWARDS, Carrie F  10 Nov 1972Fork, Dillon, South Carolina I15741
11 FORT, Ruby Lyall  27 Oct 1964Fork, Dillon, South Carolina I15261
12 FORT, # William Kirkland  20 Jun 1918Fork, Dillon, South Carolina I15252
13 FULLWOOD, Benjamin Odell  12 Oct 1989Fork, Dillon, South Carolina I4488
14 GLEASON, Ervin Randall Sr  1 Jan 2011Fork, Dillon, South Carolina I12279
15 GLEASON, # William Chili  28 Sep 1982Fork, Dillon, South Carolina I12276
16 HAYES, Lois G  Jun 1971Fork, Dillon, South Carolina I15683
17 HEGGIE, # Robah Gray Sr  2 Dec 1961Fork, Dillon, South Carolina I15268
18 JACKSON, Bessie  28 Oct 1995Fork, Dillon, South Carolina I9849
19 JOHNSON, Claudia Bell  20 Jun 1960Fork, Dillon, South Carolina I177
20 LANE, Mabel Gertrude  13 Jan 1996Fork, Dillon, South Carolina I5649

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 BETHEA, # Lucille Deborah  1930Fork, Dillon, South Carolina I19922
2 CARMICHAEL, Carson  1930Fork, Dillon, South Carolina I19774
3 CARMICHAEL, Charles Francis  1930Fork, Dillon, South Carolina I19800
4 CARMICHAEL, William Boyd  1930Fork, Dillon, South Carolina I15269
5 EDWARDS, # Laura Jane  1930Fork, Dillon, South Carolina I15114
6 FORT, Lattie Boyd  1930Fork, Dillon, South Carolina I15254
7 FORT, Ruby Lyall  1940Fork, Dillon, South Carolina I15261
8 HEGGIE, Robah Gray Jr  1930Fork, Dillon, South Carolina I17254
9 HEGGIE, # Robah Gray Sr  1930Fork, Dillon, South Carolina I15268
10 MARTIN, Grace V "Frostie"  1930Fork, Dillon, South Carolina I15561
11 OWENS, Samuel Alfred  1930Fork, Dillon, South Carolina I15113
12 ROGERS, # French S  1930Fork, Dillon, South Carolina I108
13 ROGERS, Gilbert Lacy  1930Fork, Dillon, South Carolina I19921
14 ROGERS, # Gilbert Lemuel  1930Fork, Dillon, South Carolina I15143
15 WEATHERLY, # Myrtle  1930Fork, Dillon, South Carolina I19798


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military    Person ID 
1 CARMICHAEL, Otto Lide  24 Jun 1918Fork, Dillon, South Carolina I19930