a family full of black sheep and other interesting characters

Houston, Harris County, Texas



City/Town : Latitude: 29.7630611, Longitude: -95.3630611


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ALBRITTON, Peggy Jean  25 Jan 1929Houston, Harris County, Texas I5893
2 DRY, Fred Marion  3 Feb 1928Houston, Harris County, Texas I21947
3 DRY, Merle Gene  10 Feb 1930Houston, Harris County, Texas I21948
4 DRY, Virginia Pearl  3 Oct 1931Houston, Harris County, Texas I21949
5 HINSON, James William "Jake"  10 Jul 1918Houston, Harris County, Texas I11263
6 HOWARD, Curtis Weldon  24 Jul 1931Houston, Harris County, Texas I21940
7 LALLIER, Fred P  5 Sep 1925Houston, Harris County, Texas I23592
8 NAGORNY, # Alice Mary  7 Jul 1929Houston, Harris County, Texas I16733
9 PRESCOTT, John Burrus III  31 May 1949Houston, Harris County, Texas I16734
10 WILLARD, James Lanier  1 Sep 1910Houston, Harris County, Texas I4765
11 WILLARD, Larry Allan  27 Nov 1936Houston, Harris County, Texas I4767


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ALBRITTON, Albert  17 May 1940Houston, Harris County, Texas I5882
2 ALBRITTON, Beulah  4 Apr 1971Houston, Harris County, Texas I5936
3 ALBRITTON, Hugh Bryant  26 Sep 1973Houston, Harris County, Texas I5973
4 ALBRITTON, Josh Giles  12 Jul 1970Houston, Harris County, Texas I5977
5 ALBRITTON, Kelly Dixon  18 Jan 1994Houston, Harris County, Texas I10899
6 ALBRITTON, Maudie E  27 Nov 1986Houston, Harris County, Texas I10885
7 ALBRITTON, Minnie Ola  25 Apr 1950Houston, Harris County, Texas I5906
8 ALBRITTON, Rachel Cleo  10 Apr 1967Houston, Harris County, Texas I9443
9 ALBRITTON, Virginia Violet  1 Apr 1999Houston, Harris County, Texas I9371
10 ALLEN, Marshall L  30 Mar 2006Houston, Harris County, Texas I5336
11 BALCH, # Luby Judson  11 Jul 1958Houston, Harris County, Texas I21667
12 BALLARD, Ernest T  24 Feb 1957Houston, Harris County, Texas I21728
13 BELL, # Martin Timothy  20 Jul 1972Houston, Harris County, Texas I24404
14 BOOKER, # Lewis Grover  3 Jul 1945Houston, Harris County, Texas I16818
15 BUTLER, Jacqueline Elizabeth "Lula"  4 Dec 1962Houston, Harris County, Texas I5406
16 CAMPBELL, James Durwood  11 Oct 1967Houston, Harris County, Texas I10626
17 CAMPBELL, Lamerle  2 Jan 2015Houston, Harris County, Texas I12228
18 CAMPBELL, Mary Virginia  30 May 1943Houston, Harris County, Texas I5402
19 CAMPBELL, Samuel S  27 Nov 1967Houston, Harris County, Texas I8244
20 CAMPBELL, Walter F  22 Feb 1961Houston, Harris County, Texas I7471

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 ALBRITTON, James Dalton  Houston, Harris County, Texas I12081
2 ALBRITTON, Kelly Dixon  Houston, Harris County, Texas I10899
3 HEYWOOD, # Thomas Owen  Houston, Harris County, Texas I25982
4 PERRITTE, William Jefferson  Houston, Harris County, Texas I21676
5 POPE, # Frances Lee  Houston, Harris County, Texas I26057
6 TURNER, Mamie Love  Houston, Harris County, Texas I14657
7 VAN ZANDT, # Elsie Rose  Houston, Harris County, Texas I10904
8 WILSON, # Leo  Houston, Harris County, Texas I25899


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 ALBRITTON, Albert  1920Houston, Harris County, Texas I5882
2 ALBRITTON, Albert  1930Houston, Harris County, Texas I5882
3 ALBRITTON, Amy Alberta  1920Houston, Harris County, Texas I5891
4 ALBRITTON, Amy Alberta  1930Houston, Harris County, Texas I5891
5 ALBRITTON, Beulah  1920Houston, Harris County, Texas I5936
6 ALBRITTON, Beulah  1930Houston, Harris County, Texas I5936
7 ALBRITTON, Beulah  1940Houston, Harris County, Texas I5936
8 ALBRITTON, David Columbus  1850Houston, Harris County, Texas I5970
9 ALBRITTON, # Elam F  1850Houston, Harris County, Texas I4678
10 ALBRITTON, Elam M  1850Houston, Harris County, Texas I4808
11 ALBRITTON, Floyd Ward  1920Houston, Harris County, Texas I5921
12 ALBRITTON, George Washington  1850Houston, Harris County, Texas I5992
13 ALBRITTON, # James Cornelius  1850Houston, Harris County, Texas I4677
14 ALBRITTON, John  1850Houston, Harris County, Texas I4809
15 ALBRITTON, Joseph Richard  1850Houston, Harris County, Texas I4831
16 ALBRITTON, Lafayette  1850Houston, Harris County, Texas I4833
17 ALBRITTON, Lavinia  1850Houston, Harris County, Texas I4830
18 ALBRITTON, Levina Louisa  1850Houston, Harris County, Texas I4832
19 ALBRITTON, Margaret  1850Houston, Harris County, Texas I6009
20 ALBRITTON, Missouri Jane  1850Houston, Harris County, Texas I4834

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Draft Registration

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Draft Registration    Person ID 
1 ALBRITTON, Jackson Columbus  1942Houston, Harris County, Texas I5927
2 ANDREWS, Marion Bishop  1942Houston, Harris County, Texas I21927
3 CANNON, # James Travis  1942Houston, Harris County, Texas I23278
4 HINSON, # James William  1917–1918Houston, Harris County, Texas I9240
5 HINSON, # James William  1942Houston, Harris County, Texas I9240
6 JORDEN, # William "Willie"  1942Houston, Harris County, Texas I21953
7 LAMBERT, # Coke Leslie  1942Houston, Harris County, Texas I23547
8 LEWIS, # June Harris  1917–1918Houston, Harris County, Texas I23518
9 LEWIS, # June Harris  1942Houston, Harris County, Texas I23518
10 VEITCH, Cary Jimmy  1917–1918Houston, Harris County, Texas I9235
11 WILLARD, # James Louis  1942Houston, Harris County, Texas I4764


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military    Person ID 
1 ALLEN, # Woodrow Wilson "Woody"  19 Jul 1945Houston, Harris County, Texas I9616
2 CAMPBELL, Norvell Douglas  12 Oct 1942Houston, Harris County, Texas I21971
3 CLIFTON, # Sidney Ferrell  1 May 1945Houston, Harris County, Texas I9660
4 COLLEY, Lonnie Ray  4 Sep 1945Houston, Harris County, Texas I7592
5 LOW, # Harvey Odis  6 Nov 1942Houston, Harris County, Texas I24409
6 PERRITTE, Louis Franklin  9 Apr 1942Houston, Harris County, Texas I21642
7 WHEELER, # Vernon Claude  3 Dec 1942Houston, Harris County, Texas I21951


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 ALBRITTON, Bertie Mae  1935Houston, Harris County, Texas I5924
2 ALLEN, Huey Pierce  1993Houston, Harris County, Texas I5339
3 EARLE, Edith  1986Houston, Harris County, Texas I7843
4 PANZRAM, @ Agatha Bertha  1889Houston, Harris County, Texas I218
5 TATOM, # Louis Everet  1935Houston, Harris County, Texas I5971
6 VAN ZANDT, # Elsie Rose  1988Houston, Harris County, Texas I10904
7 VAN ZANDT, # Elsie Rose  1992Houston, Harris County, Texas I10904

State Census

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    State Census    Person ID 
1 ALBRITTON, # Elam F  1850Houston, Harris County, Texas I4678