a family full of black sheep and other interesting characters

Jacksonville, Duval County, Florida



Location : Latitude: 30.3319389, Longitude: -81.6558306


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 HAYDEN, William Robert  17 Oct 1937Jacksonville, Duval County, Florida I9693
2 LANE, Fred Douglas  26 Feb 1924Jacksonville, Duval County, Florida I8865
3 LANE, Margaret Anne  6 May 1937Jacksonville, Duval County, Florida I23692
4 LANE, Percy Lamar  10 Sep 1913Jacksonville, Duval County, Florida I5806


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ABERNATHY, # Lucy Virginia  9 Sep 1996Jacksonville, Duval County, Florida I11225
2 BARRETT, # Eleanor Monteen  6 Oct 2004Jacksonville, Duval County, Florida I18291
3 BISHOP, # Edna Louise  1 Feb 2011Jacksonville, Duval County, Florida I15499
4 BOYETT, James Hobson  2 Mar 1975Jacksonville, Duval County, Florida I8186
5 BOYETT, Jessie Naomi  15 Mar 1974Jacksonville, Duval County, Florida I8182
6 BOYETTE, Andrew Jackson  8 May 1932Jacksonville, Duval County, Florida I8619
7 BOYETTE, James Ancil  Apr 1962Jacksonville, Duval County, Florida I9403
8 BOYETTE, Minnie Lee  Aft 1970Jacksonville, Duval County, Florida I9449
9 BUTLER, # Mildred Zenonia  16 Feb 2004Jacksonville, Duval County, Florida I25917
10 BYRD, Josephine  1 Jun 1999Jacksonville, Duval County, Florida I17575
11 DIXON, # James Hansford  16 Dec 1987Jacksonville, Duval County, Florida I7022
12 FORT, Elbert Lewis  18 Oct 2006Jacksonville, Duval County, Florida I17252
13 GEIGER, # Edith Iona  25 Sep 1974Jacksonville, Duval County, Florida I16386
14 GRAINGER, # Mary Elizabeth "Lizzie"  7 Nov 1948Jacksonville, Duval County, Florida I6927
15 HOLLINGHEAD, # Genia Ella  7 Nov 1967Jacksonville, Duval County, Florida I14815
16 JENERETTE, Noah Hannibal  23 Oct 1977Jacksonville, Duval County, Florida I2930
17 JENERETTE, Noah Hannibal  26 Feb 2010Jacksonville, Duval County, Florida I11831
18 JINRIGHT, James Edgar "Ed"  19 Feb 1993Jacksonville, Duval County, Florida I11065
19 KOONS, # Sarah Louise "Sadie"  3 Nov 1971Jacksonville, Duval County, Florida I3517
20 LANE, Percy Luten  30 Jan 1969Jacksonville, Duval County, Florida I5729

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 BISHOP, # Edna Louise  Jacksonville, Duval County, Florida I15499
2 CARMICHAEL, Daniel Luther  Jacksonville, Duval County, Florida I19841
3 DICKINSON, # Pauline B  Jacksonville, Duval County, Florida I5803
4 EDWARDS, Brooks  Jacksonville, Duval County, Florida I15498
5 EDWARDS, Edgar Boyd  Jacksonville, Duval County, Florida I15496
6 HARRIS, # Mabel  Jacksonville, Duval County, Florida I9691
7 HARRIS, # Ruby M  Jacksonville, Duval County, Florida I11111
8 JENERETTE, Noah Hannibal  Jacksonville, Duval County, Florida I2930
9 JENERETTE, Noah Hannibal  Jacksonville, Duval County, Florida I11831
10 LANE, Percy Luten  Jacksonville, Duval County, Florida I5729
11 MERCHANT, # Ila Mae  Jacksonville, Duval County, Florida I19855
12 RING, Murrice Everson  Jacksonville, Duval County, Florida I11789
13 WHITTINGTON, Luther Henry  Jacksonville, Duval County, Florida I4963
14 WILLIAMS, Earnest Barfield  Jacksonville, Duval County, Florida I7276


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 # Lizzie Beatrice  1940Jacksonville, Duval County, Florida I8876
2 BARRETT, # Eleanor Monteen  1940Jacksonville, Duval County, Florida I18291
3 BISHOP, # Edna Louise  1930Jacksonville, Duval County, Florida I15499
4 BISHOP, # Edna Louise  1940Jacksonville, Duval County, Florida I15499
5 BRYAN, Clara Emma  1940Jacksonville, Duval County, Florida I18208
6 CAMPBELL, # Margaret Frances "Frances"  1920Jacksonville, Duval County, Florida I23454
7 CAMPBELL, # Margaret Frances "Frances"  1930Jacksonville, Duval County, Florida I23454
8 CAMPBELL, # Margaret Frances "Frances"  1940Jacksonville, Duval County, Florida I23454
9 CARTIN, # Gilbert McKinney  1940Jacksonville, Duval County, Florida I18238
10 CATES, # Blondza Beatrice  1940Jacksonville, Duval County, Florida I19623
11 DEW, Hartwell Allen  1940Jacksonville, Duval County, Florida I13930
12 DICKINSON, # Pauline B  1920Jacksonville, Duval County, Florida I5803
13 DICKINSON, # Pauline B  1930Jacksonville, Duval County, Florida I5803
14 EDWARDS, Brooks  1930Jacksonville, Duval County, Florida I15498
15 EDWARDS, Brooks  1940Jacksonville, Duval County, Florida I15498
16 EDWARDS, Edgar Boyd  1930Jacksonville, Duval County, Florida I15496
17 EDWARDS, Edgar Boyd  1940Jacksonville, Duval County, Florida I15496
18 EDWARDS, Leila May  1930Jacksonville, Duval County, Florida I15495
19 EDWARDS, Leila May  1940Jacksonville, Duval County, Florida I15495
20 EDWARDS, Sarah Elwell  1930Jacksonville, Duval County, Florida I15497

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Draft Registration

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Draft Registration    Person ID 
1 JOHNSON, Elbert  1942Jacksonville, Duval County, Florida I6922
2 LADD, # Merrill Augustus  1917–1918Jacksonville, Duval County, Florida I9771
3 LANE, Fred Douglas  1942Jacksonville, Duval County, Florida I8865
4 LANE, Percy Lamar  1940Jacksonville, Duval County, Florida I5806


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military    Person ID 
1 HARRELSON, Percy Augustus  3 Jan 1941Jacksonville, Duval County, Florida I5555
2 HOUSEMAN, # Laurice Wenoma "Winnie"  10 Oct 1944Jacksonville, Duval County, Florida I23459


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 # Lizzie Beatrice  1933Jacksonville, Duval County, Florida I8876
2 BALDWIN, # Flora Kathryn  1948Jacksonville, Duval County, Florida I11832
3 BALDWIN, # Flora Kathryn  1949Jacksonville, Duval County, Florida I11832
4 BALDWIN, # Flora Kathryn  1993Jacksonville, Duval County, Florida I11832
5 CAMPBELL, Rembert Carlyle  1993Jacksonville, Duval County, Florida I12254
6 JENERETTE, Noah Hannibal  1949Jacksonville, Duval County, Florida I11831
7 JENERETTE, Noah Hannibal  1993Jacksonville, Duval County, Florida I11831
8 JINRIGHT, James Edgar "Ed"  1993Jacksonville, Duval County, Florida I11065
9 NANCE, Carroll  1993Jacksonville, Duval County, Florida I7086
10 RUSSELL, # Lee Estelle  1993Jacksonville, Duval County, Florida I11113

State Census

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    State Census    Person ID 
1 BOYETT, Jessie Naomi  1945Jacksonville, Duval County, Florida I8182
2 JACKSON, # William Kenneth  1940Jacksonville, Duval County, Florida I22720
3 LADD, Anne Shepard  1945Jacksonville, Duval County, Florida I9772
4 STANSEL, # I V  1935Jacksonville, Duval County, Florida I15501