a family full of black sheep and other interesting characters

Williamsburg County, South Carolina



County/Shire : Latitude: 33.6333306, Longitude: -79.7333306


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 EDWARDS, # David Allen  16 May 1896Williamsburg County, South Carolina I15181
2 GRAHAM, Gloria Jean  10 Aug 1951Williamsburg County, South Carolina I13315
3 MISHOE, Leonard Galloway  10 Feb 1898Williamsburg County, South Carolina I16069


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 EDWARDS, Martha Maude  31 Jul 1928Williamsburg County, South Carolina I15170
2 GRAHAM, # Sumter Moye  15 May 1957Williamsburg County, South Carolina I13314
3 HARRELSON, May  18 Aug 1940Williamsburg County, South Carolina I5543
4 LANE, Roland Pittman  28 Jan 1929Williamsburg County, South Carolina I21010
5 LANE, Wilton  9 May 1930Williamsburg County, South Carolina I20900
6 MIMS, # Robert Anderson  5 Dec 1957Williamsburg County, South Carolina I20870
7 MISHOE, Noah Marvin  13 Oct 1929Williamsburg County, South Carolina I16070
8 NORTON, # John Calvin  23 Dec 1933Williamsburg County, South Carolina I21007
9 RICHARDSON, Ebenezer Cicero "Ebbie"  16 May 1948Williamsburg County, South Carolina I22287
10 TODD, # Helen Faye  6 Mar 1979Williamsburg County, South Carolina I4280


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 ANDERSON, # Kathleen  1940Williamsburg County, South Carolina I20153
2 BAKER, # Katie Lyde  1940Williamsburg County, South Carolina I21015
3 BARNHILL, Daniel Hamilton  1880Williamsburg County, South Carolina I2832
4 BARNHILL, Gaston McKever  1880Williamsburg County, South Carolina I8238
5 BOYD, # Bluhma  1940Williamsburg County, South Carolina I23253
6 BRYANT, Ruby Ione  1940Williamsburg County, South Carolina I9581
7 BRYANT, William Lide  1940Williamsburg County, South Carolina I20105
8 CHANDLER, # George Harold  1920Williamsburg County, South Carolina I14994
9 CHANDLER, # George Harold  1930Williamsburg County, South Carolina I14994
10 CHANDLER, # George Harold  1940Williamsburg County, South Carolina I14994
11 CLARY, # Mary Eliza  1910Williamsburg County, South Carolina I19265
12 DUKE, # Sara Laneigh "Sadie"  1920Williamsburg County, South Carolina I20897
13 EADDY, # Cornelia Drusilla  1880Williamsburg County, South Carolina I3518
14 EADDY, # Ned Mabry  1910Williamsburg County, South Carolina I22256
15 EASLER, # Irene  1920Williamsburg County, South Carolina I23251
16 EASLER, # Irene  1930Williamsburg County, South Carolina I23251
17 EDWARDS, Edith Angie  1940Williamsburg County, South Carolina I14985
18 LANE, Effie Beatrice  1910Williamsburg County, South Carolina I20771
19 LANE, Effie Beatrice  1920Williamsburg County, South Carolina I20771
20 LANE, Effie Beatrice  1930Williamsburg County, South Carolina I20771

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Draft Registration

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Draft Registration    Person ID 
1 BROWN, Nimrod Davis  1917–1918Williamsburg County, South Carolina I22374
2 BURBAGE, Douglas Johnson  1917–1918Williamsburg County, South Carolina I4357
3 CATES, # Dr. Lee Roy  1917–1918Williamsburg County, South Carolina I4364
4 LANE, Joseph Eston  1917–1918Williamsburg County, South Carolina I20772
5 LANE, Stuart D  1917–1918Williamsburg County, South Carolina I20777
6 MIMS, # Robert Anderson  1917–1918Williamsburg County, South Carolina I20870
7 MISHOE, Leonard Galloway  1917–1918Williamsburg County, South Carolina I16069
8 NESMITH, # William Edward  1917–1918Williamsburg County, South Carolina I15174
9 NORTON, # John Calvin  1917–1918Williamsburg County, South Carolina I21007
10 ROUSE, James M  1917–1918Williamsburg County, South Carolina I17519
11 ROUSE, Luther  1917–1918Williamsburg County, South Carolina I17517
12 ROUSE, McKever "Bud"  1917–1918Williamsburg County, South Carolina I17516